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    Made of ABS material, lightweight and easy to hold. Nylon leash and solid hook, more durable This is a 3-in-1 dog leash, set the retractable garbage bags and LED light in one, great for those night time walks. Retractable style design, the dog leash can auto stretch out and draw…

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    Stop Fleas From Biting Your Pets with NO Chemicals, Pesticides Technology! Pet Flea Doctor releases a slight electric charge as you brush the comb through your pets fur and finds the fleas, kills them, and removes dead fleas from your pets coat! Flea Doctor is Easy, Effective, and Chemical-Free Regular…

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    Are you fighting a battle with your dog barking and looking for a good solution! It’s time to try our Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control Deterrents and genteelly say goodbye to those endless barking. How It Works? When the outdoor bark control is within range of a barking dog, microphone pick…