Flea & Tick Control

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    With Petbush’s Anti Pest Collar it starts working in hours after the collar is put on your pet. How it works: Petbush’s active ingredients — imidacloprid and flumethrin — are stored within the collar and released in low concentrations over your dog’s hair and skin surface for 8 months. Seresto…

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    Stop Fleas From Biting Your Pets with NO Chemicals, Pesticides Technology! Pet Flea Doctor releases a slight electric charge as you brush the comb through your pets fur and finds the fleas, kills them, and removes dead fleas from your pets coat! Flea Doctor is Easy, Effective, and Chemical-Free Regular…

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    2 in 1 Hair Remover Roller: The upgraded hair remover brush not only applies for pet fur, fluff, fuzz, lint but also for human hair. An effective brush to keep your clothing crisp and clean.

    Reusable: It doesn’t produce waste, rather than using a roll of sticky paper that you throw out afterward and have to buy refills for it.
    Made of ABS material which is moisture-resistant and durable; the handle is very comfortable to hold.

    Self-cleaning: Our electrostatic lint remover brush has been designed to self-clean, When the chamber is full, you don’t even have to touch the dirty parts, simply empty it by pressing the button.

    Ultra-portable Lint Brush: A great travel companion to keep your clothes crisp and clean wherever you go. Designed to be small and ultra handy(7.2inch X 1.6inch X 1.6inch), the brush can quickly and efficiently remove fur mess from any inch of your clothing.Simply swipe it gently over the fabric surface, and the fur gets instantly picked up by the brush.