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    Made of ABS material, lightweight and easy to hold. Nylon leash and solid hook, more durable This is a 3-in-1 dog leash, set the retractable garbage bags and LED light in one, great for those night time walks. Retractable style design, the dog leash can auto stretch out and draw…

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    With Petbush’s Anti Pest Collar it starts working in hours after the collar is put on your pet. How it works: Petbush’s active ingredients — imidacloprid and flumethrin — are stored within the collar and released in low concentrations over your dog’s hair and skin surface for 8 months. Seresto…

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    Are you fighting a battle with your dog barking and looking for a good solution! It’s time to try our Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control Deterrents and genteelly say goodbye to those endless barking. How It Works? When the outdoor bark control is within range of a barking dog, microphone pick…

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    Intelligent Identification Chip: The microprocessor intelligently detects the dog barking technology, which can safely and effectively filter other unrelated sounds and prevent false triggering.  The anti bark collar is designed with 7 adjustable sensitivity levels and 3 training modes(Beep, Vibration, E-Shock), effectively stopping the barking with no harm to the…